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Ossipee Management Group is an outsourcing management group specializing in building brands, companies and introducing new products into the specialty gift, housewares, and foodservice channels in the United States. We have been in business for over 30 years and between the partners we have over 50 years’ experience in the consumer goods industry. OmG has built a successful reputation for introducing innovative companies, products and concepts into the US and Canada. We work with international, as well as US based companies. We specialize in companies’ initial introductions to the market, as well as ones re-introducing their brand into the USA.

Our unique business strategy and relationships leverage our experience so that our clients reach their desired channels of distribution quickly and economically. We are selective who we work with, since our relationships with existing retail and foodservice accounts is critical to our long-term growth. 

OmG interacts directly with our clients to establish profit goals and hit sales targets through long term product and marketing strategies. Unlike a distributor, we encourage direct involvement with accounts, at trade shows, with the sales force and with all our suppliers. There is never a barrier between you and the buyer of your product. Transparency is the key to developing a winning strategy. Our experience prevents the strategic errors that can cost companies a fortune in time and money.

OmG also has extensive experience in importing product, warehousing and logistics. We work from the distribution chain, invoice, and accounts receivables management for both B2B and drop shipping directly for D2C retailers. Our warehousing is located approximately 1 ½ hours north of Boston. We are familiar with EDI, portals of over 100 retailers, and programs ranging from CommerceHub and Quickbooks to Netsuite. Working seamlessly with retailers allows us to quote pricing which takes into account any hidden costs and keeps your business profitable.

The integration of sales & marketing with logistics provides a seamless and complete package for handling all of a company’s business needs in the United States. 

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